IYS Encore: Adrian Anantawan

IYS Encore FB Adrian

Adrian Anantawan, violinist, 2001 VSA International Young Soloists Winner

Adrian Anantawan, violinist, 2001 VSA International Young Soloists Winner


Name: Adrian Anantawan
Instrument: Violin
Current City: Boston, MA
Year won: 2001

1. What led you to apply to the VSA International Young Soloists Competition?

I applied on the recommendation of Roger Knox, a researcher at the Holland Bloorview Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital where I had my adaptations made for my instrument. He heard me play from time to time during my appointments, which led him to send a tape to VSA.

Headshot of Adrian Anantawan from 2001

Headshot of Adrian Anantawan from 2001

2.    What is one of your proudest accomplishments (personal or professional) since winning the competition?

A couple: Developing into a musician who has something to say, and recently finishing my summer tour in China, where I played Zigunerweisen (which I played at the VSA gala now almost 15 years ago!) and Mendelssohn Concerto.

3.    What was your biggest takeaway from being a VSA International Young Soloists Winner?

The support of the organization in empowering voices of a community that have traditionally been underrepresented in society, along with the belief that artists with disabilities have a perspective worth celebrating within their artistic disciplines.

4.    Tell us something exciting you’ve been doing lately (performance, project, travels, job, etc.).

I finished at Harvard School of Education in 2011, and I am currently the Director of Music at the Conservatory Lab Charter School in Boston (www.conservatorylab.org). We serve around 400 children (K-8), all of whom play a musical instrument for two hours every day. I still travel to perform from time to time and recently played for the Dalai Lama. I will be traveling back to China this summer on tour, in addition to performing recitals around the United States and Canada sporadically.

Adrian Anantawan, 2001 IYS winner, holding his violin in playing position.

Adrian Anantawan, 2001 IYS winner


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