IYS Encore: Laura Dodd

IYS Encore Laura Dodd

IYS Encore Laura Dodd

Photo of Laura Dodd

Laura Dodd, 2003 IYS winner.

Name: Laura Dodd
Instrument: Voice
Current City: Nashville, TN
Year Won: 2003

1. What led you to apply to the VSA International Young Soloists Competition?

My college music professor received information from VSA calling for participants. I applied to Alabama’s state competition, and was then submitted to the international competition, which resulted in being selected as a winner for the 2003 International Young Soloists Competition.

Laura Dodd at 2003 IYS performance

Laura Dodd at 2003 IYS performance

2. What is one of your proudest accomplishments (personal or professional) since winning the competition?

The confidence placed in me with winning the award has helped my career to flourish into a multi-award winning artist.

3. What was your biggest takeaway from being a VSA International Young Soloists Winner?

VSA helped me to conquer my fears of pursuing my dreams and goals, no matter the challenges I have and will face going forward. The encouragement I received aided me in forming my life’s motto: when facing the odds, never give up.

4. Tell us something exciting you’ve been doing lately(performance, project, travels, job, etc.). 

I am currently involved in many career changes and new paths. These include my music, as well as film and television.

Laura Dodd performing with band

Laura Dodd performing with band


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