October 2015 VSA Webinar: “Exploring a Watercolor Lesson Through Universal Design for Learning and a Process of Collaborative Inquiry”

Exploring a Watercolor Lesson Through Universal Design for Learning and a Process of Collaborative Inquiry, presented on October 20, 2015, was based on the VSA Minnesota Reaching All Learners (ReAL) workshop series. The presenters used the power of collaborative inquiry to analyze a visual arts lesson through the lens of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) both in terms of a written lesson plan and what the lesson looked like in action. Facilitators led participants through the Artist to Artist reflective process of lesson analysis to demystify and make visible UDL principles that are part of the lesson design and teased out the manifestations of those principles.

Click on the play button below to watch a free recording of the Webinar. (You will be prompted to enter your email address and contact information prior to viewing the Webinar.)

Untitled design(5)


Craig_Dunn-DSC06467 smallCraig Dunn has been the Executive Director of VSA Minnesota since 1992. His training is as a music educator and music therapist and he worked in public schools with special education students in that capacity from 1980 to 1992.

Craig_Dunn-bcox2Spanning 30 plus years, Barbara Hackett Cox has worked in arts and education settings as a K-6 classroom teacher, arts coordinator, education specialist, arts education consultant and jazz radio broadcaster in Minnesota, New York, and California. She helped launch Artist to Artist, an independent network of culturally and artistically diverse artists, educators and administrators and is co-author of the Teaching Artist Handbook Volume I, Tools, Techniques, and ideas to Help Any Artist Teach. Contact: behrox24@gmail.com

Craig_Dunn-KDubbels smallKursten Dubbels is the assistive technology(AT)and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Specialist at the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) Special Education Division. In addition she coordinates staff development activities to build local capacity of educators to implement multiple initiatives to strengthen efforts toward a more inclusive educational experience through the AT Teams, UDL Cadre and Mentor projects for the Department. Contact: kursten.dubbels@state.mn.us

Lori Brink is a mixed-media visual artist, teaching artist, and arts education coach in Minnesota. She has been teaching visual art and book arts to K-12 school students and adults in day centers for the past 12 years. Contact: lbrink22@msn.com

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Origins of UDL
  • UDL Assumptions
  • UDL Principles
  • Artist to Artist Professional Development Framework
    • What is Artist to Artist?
    • The Power of Reflection
    • Reflective Protocols
  • Descriptive Review Process
  • Participants Experience a Lesson
    • Describe: What do you notice?
    • Question: What questions does it raise for you?
    • Speculate: What do you think the artist intended us to understand?
    • Artist Responds
    • Group Reflects
  • Preparing for the Lesson
  • Guiding the Lesson

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