March 2016 VSA Webinar: “Poetry in Motion: A Poetry Dance Play for the Middle School Special Education Classroom Confirmation”

Poetry in Motion: A Poetry Dance Play for the Middle School Special Education Classroom, presented on March 8, 2016, explored lessons on how to engage a special education classroom in poetry and dance from thematic conception to culminating performance. As the roles of educators and learners in arts education continue to shift, teachers realize the limitless potential learners can have when provided with the right tools to motivate exploration and self-expression. Poetry and dance, two of the purest forms of self-expression and learning, exist in an intricate embrace of language and movement. This webinar aimed to foster an appreciation of this integration in the classroom and provide examples and practical how-to tips for your classroom.

Click on the play button below to watch a free recording of the Webinar. (You will be prompted to enter your email address and contact information prior to viewing the Webinar.)

March 2016


Nawal_Muradwij-Jenny_Seham_2-24 Jenny Seham, PhD is a dancer, actress, choreographer and clinical psychologist who writes about the benefits of the arts for diverse student populations. She introduces multiple arts opportunities to her students around the world, collaborating with diverse artists, teachers, and innovators. This has led to poetry, dance, music and visual arts projects from NYC to Los Angeles and in Mexico and Ecuador. 



Nawal_Muradwij-Nawal-23 Nawal Muradwij is both an MA candidate in Clinical Psychology and a poet. Her interest in integration of arts into education as well as her own past experience reaping the emotional and learning benefits of poetry offers a unique perspective on the topic.




Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Diverse learners and multiple art forms
    • How do I teach an art form that is not my discipline?
    • Collaborate!
    • Encourage and set aside time for partner work
  • Poetry and dance
  • Poetry Dance Play: Strategies, Instructions, and Ideas
    • Find inspiring poems and poets
      • Ex. James Berry, Maya Angelou
    • Write poetry
  • Takeaways:
    • How to maximize the potential of diverse learners by integrating multiple art forms in the classroom
    • Specific strategies, exercises, and curricula utilizing poetry and dance in special education classrooms
    • How to step outside YOUR arts or educational expertise and consider ways to include less familiar art forms in your teaching
  • Contact:

Links and Resources:

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