April 2016 VSA Webinar: “Promote Dignity, Retain Integrity: Strategies for the Inclusive Secondary General Music Classroom”

Promote Dignity, Retain Integrity: Strategies for the Inclusive Secondary General Music Classroom, presented on April 26, 2016, shared strategies that have been used successfully in an inclusive secondary general music classroom such as how to adapt music reading in classroom instrumental experiences using bell sets, drums, and small percussion instruments. As the secondary general music classroom is often a melting pot of academic and musical abilities, music educators can be perplexed as to what to do with general music classes. The educators are furthered challenged by having to factor in accommodations needed by students with various learning disabilities. This webinar aimed to share these strategies to promote dignity while actively engaging students of all levels and modify, while retaining the integrity of the secondary general music curriculum.

Click on the play button below to watch a free recording of the Webinar. (You will be prompted to enter your email address and contact information prior to viewing the Webinar.)

Copy of Webinar Video - Presentation



Sarah Burns, doctoral candidate for the D.M.A. in Music Education degree at Shenandoah University, is the music specialist for the Montessori Center of Jackson (TN). During her twenty-six years as a music educator, Burns has taught students with special needs in mainstreamed general music classrooms from pre-K through university levels.


Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Setting the stage
    • The general music classroom
    • The student population
    • The teacher
    • Learning from each other
  • Modifications
    • Examine existing lesson material
    • Formatting
    • Be open-minded
  • Strategies
    • The musical alphabet
    • Small groups
    • Mixed method
  • Takeaways:
    • Strategies for the inclusive secondary general music classroom that can be used tomorrow.
    • Foundations upon which to develop one’s own successful music activity modifications.
    • Examples of successful music activities for the inclusive general music classroom.

Links and Resources:

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