July 2016 VSA Webinar: “Underdogs in the Spotlight: Using Plays to Discover and Showcase the Talents of Students with Disabilities”

In “Underdogs in the Spotlight: Using Plays to Discover and Showcase the Talents of Students with Disabilities”, playwright Annie Hough will shares tips and humorous stories gleaned from her failures and successes as an artist with disabilities working with students with disabilities. Hough provides a simple checklist of play production tasks and roles, and offers advice on seeking out and developing valuable relationships with passionate allies. She shares photos, suggest ideas, and receive audience feedback regarding the transformative benefits that every interested child can attain through their involvement with a play production.

Click on the play button below to watch a free recording of the Webinar. (You will be prompted to enter your email address and contact information prior to viewing the Webinar.)

Webinar Video - Presentation


Annie Hough writes educational plays for children. She has been a speaker at literary conferences, disability awareness workshops, and in many classrooms. Hough loves providing positive opportunities for underrepresented children

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Hough’s experiences
  • How to create a play at your own school
    • Necessary roles and tasks
    • Initiating and maintaining positive collaborative relationships
  • Benefits of utilizing plays to discover and showcase the talents of students with disabilities

Links and Resources:

We want to know-what did you learn from this webinar?


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