The 2016 apps are here for LEAD® and VSA Intersections!

Want to have conference details at your fingertips and keep up-to-date on session information? Create your own, personalized schedule? Upload photos and connect with other participants? If yes, then we encourage you to use the 2016 LEAD® and VSA Intersections Guidebook apps (Check your e-mail for details on how to download)!

Once you have downloaded the app, there is a lot you can explore! Important tabs on both apps include:

Welcome Letter


Find up-to-date information about session titles, presenters, dates, times, and locations

My Dashboard

Find your to-dos, inbox, and use the my schedule feature

Photos and Social Media

Upload photos and interact with your peers about the conference!

Survival Guide

Find important participant information, such as Access and Accommodations, meals, session handouts, certificates of participation, acknowledgements, and more!

In order to interact more with the app, including creating your own schedule, you must first open a free account within the app. To do this:

  1. Click on the person icon in the top right corner of the app
  2. Select the Create an Account option and fill out the appropriate information
  3. Congratulations, you now have access to advanced features on guidebook!
  4. In order to create your own, customized schedule, click on My Dashboard, which is located on the left side of your screen; click on My Schedule to create your own personalized schedule

We look forward to seeing you at LEAD® and VSA Intersections 2016! Happy app-ing.


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