5 Reasons to Attend the 2018 VSA Intersections Conference

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There are lots of reasons to attend the Kennedy Center VSA Intersections: Arts and Special Education Conference. Here are a few of our favorites:

1.) Exciting new options in 2018!

Enroll in a pre-conference workshop led by a national arts and special education expert!

Pre-conference workshops offer 4-hour deep dives into exciting and critical content, led by national experts in the field. Sessions will address everything from creating comic books in your classroom to culturally responsive program design, and from system-wide inclusion approaches to arts advocacy strategies. These capacity-building workshops will take place on Sunday, August 5 and Monday August 6, 2018 in local arts organizations, offering attendees the opportunity to connect with the vibrant arts and education community in our host city of Atlanta! To learn more about what pre-conference workshops are available, please see the workshop schedule.

Receive Graduate Credit for attending sessions!

If you attend the full 2-day conference, or a combination of workshops and conference sessions totaling 2 days, you have the option to receive one (1) graduate course credit through University of Dayton! This career advancing opportunity is perfect for schoolteachers interested in pursuing additional higher education, or those who work in districts where graduate course work is linked to pay. Interested participants can enroll in this opportunity onsite in Atlanta. Browse the full schedule here.

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2.) Get Inspired Before the New School Year Begins

It’s the beginning of summer break and you just want to lay at the pool, spend time with your family, and rest your mind before the new school year begins. We know it’s hard to think ahead to the end of summer. But the VSA Intersections Conference is a great way to get re-energized and inspired, so you can bring new creative ideas to the 2018-2019 year.

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3.) Incredible featured Speakers:
Lederick Horne & Johnny Collett

Kick off the conference with poet and disability advocate Lederick Horne

The Keynote speaker this year is Lederick Horne, a nationally recognized spoken word poet and advocate for people with disabilities. In his keynote address, Mr. Horne will share his personal journey from being labeled with a learning disability in the third grade and placed in a segregated special education setting to national recognition as a poet and advocate.

Learn about national special education trends with Assistant Secretary for Special Education and Rehabilitation Services: Johnny Collett

Johnny Collett is the Assistant Secretary of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services at the United States Department of Education. In this capacity, he serves as the advisor to the U.S. education secretary on matters related to the education of children and youths with disabilities, as well as employment and community living for youths and adults with disabilities. The mission of his office is to improve early childhood educational, and employment outcomes, and to raise expectations for all people with disabilities, their families, their communities, and their nation.

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Lederick Horne and Johnny Collett

4.) Grow Your Peer and Resource Network

Meet experts and newcomers to the field and grow your relationships with other educators passionate about arts education for students with disabilities. Hear about best practices, common struggles, and the joys that come with sharing the arts with everyone. The Intersections program is designed to have built-in opportunities to network with participants from across the country. From snapshot sessions to mentoring breakfasts to social games—there are countless ways to swap stories, share experiences, and build relationships!

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5.) Explore all that Atlanta has to Offer

A change of location can inspire you to think differently especially in a city with as much to offer as Atlanta. From history and art to culture and comedy, Atlanta’s community treasures will enrich your experience and offer opportunities to get out of the hotel and explore! Get lost in exhibits at the High Museum of Art, learn about Atlanta’s role in the American civil rights movement at The King Center, catch a soccer match at Mercedes Benz Stadium, and go on a food tour as you walk the Belt Line. Head to Georgia early and explore all the fun its capital city has to offer! Looking for more reasons to join? Here’s how we would spend 36 Hours in Atlanta.


Skyline of Atlanta, GA


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